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Tee Time Savings - Play More GolfThe newest and most reliable online marketplace for purchasing discounted rounds of golf provides golfers the opportunity to play more and pay less.

TeeTimeSavings.com, formerly GolfUS.com, has officially launched its easy-to-use and informative Web site that features a comprehensive catalog of premier courses in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio where golfers in those areas can buy rounds of golf at special prices. More than 200 courses are currently featured on the site, which will expand quickly to add new courses and resorts in even more areas throughout the country.

“TeeTimeSavings.com provides users with the ability to save some money on their favorite golf courses, which we believe will get them playing more golf – something everyone in this industry wants,” said Stephen Brown, site manager for TeeTimeSavings.com. “The new site makes browsing golf courses and purchasing rounds much easier and much more enjoyable than before.”

Once they've opened an account, users are able to browse a vast directory of quality golf courses by region, and purchase affordable rounds instantaneously from their home, office or mobile device.

Membership in TeeTimeSavings.com is free, and accounts created by customers on GolfUS.com remain valid and will not be affected or changed in any way. Usernames and passwords will remain the same for the new site. Members of TeeTimeSavings.com can save up to 50 percent on rounds of golf. Currently, the site has more than 5,000 members and is growing every day.


Unlike other online tee time services, TeeTimeSavings.com allows golfers to buy rounds of golf and then book directly with the golf course at a later date providing them greater flexibility and time to get a foursome or twosome together before booking. This also allows the golf course to control when the discounted rounds are going to be played, helping them maximize their available tee times. 

Courses that provide rounds of golf to be sold on TeeTimeSavings.com do so in return for web site hosting and design services and for other print and online marketing as well.

“In effect, TeeTimeSavings.com offers golf courses a way to offset the often expensive costs of building and maintaining quality web sites and the other print and Internet marketing that courses need to do to be successful,” said Robb Lamaker, director of brand sales for Golfer’s Guide Marketing Solutions, the parent company of TeeTimeSavings.com.

In addition to rounds of golf, TeeTimeSavings.com members can purchase golf travel packages to destinations such as Orlando, and can also enjoy discounts on golf equipment and apparel.

TeeTimeSavings.com is operated by Golfer’s Guide Marketing Solutions, which has a network of Web sites including GolfersGuide.com, GolfersGuideTravel.com and GolfersGuideLiving.com, all dedicated to bringing golfers the most up-to-date information on golf courses, golf vacations and golf communities. In addition to the network of Web sites, Golfer’s Guide Marketing Solutions publishes more than 20 regional magazines in golf destinations such as Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Tampa Bay, San Antonio and Arizona. Later this year, the company plans to expand its network to include North Carolina and Virginia.

For more information on TeeTimeSavings.com contact Stephen Brown at sbrown@golfersguide.com or 800 408-9200; or Robb Lamaker at rlamaker@golfersguide.com or call 843 842-7878 ext. 257.


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