Hole-In-One Report

It was a good year to be a woman golfer at Gulph Mills GC as holes in one came fast and furious this summer. In back to back groups at Gulph Mills 6th hole, it was Alexandra Frazier and Ellen Miller doing the near impossible, both making holes in one in the span of just a few minutes. A few weeks later, it was Judy Owens making an ace at Gulph Mills 14th hole. Special congrats also go to Philmont’s Larry Paster, who scored his second hole in one of the year on Philmont’s South course. Below are names of several other great shotmakers who were definitely luckier than the rest of us.

 AK Frazier     Gulph Mills  6  125  9-iron
 Ellen Miller    Gulph Mills  6  125  7-iron
 Judy Owens    Gulph Mills  14  165  hybrid
 Larry Paster    Philmont - South  15  195  4-hybrid
 Jan Albert   
 Merion East  13  120  8-iron
 Cary Sandler 
 Philmont - North  3  163  5-hybrid
 Hernan Alvarado 
 John Byrne  15        
 157  7-iron
 Dylan Deacon
 Valleybrook  3  216  4-iron
 Jim Straube 
 Island Green  5  160  7-wood
 Bryan Marvin
 Philmont - South  11  145  8-iron
 Zach Herr @GAP Jr. Jr.   
 Phoenixville  2  143  8-iron
 Buck Jones
 North Hills  14  215  3-wood
 Michael Forsyth  Town and Country    
 8  140  9-iron
 Kevin Coleman 
 Talamore  8  185  5-iron
 Tucker Koch  Rivercrest  3  174  6-iron
 Rich Fleming 
 Town and Country  13  121  7-iron
 Ted Williams  
 Cobbs Creek  6  122  9-iron

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