PGA Show Report

The Latest in Game Improvement, Goodies and Gimmicks You’ll See in 2008

While you were either shivering in the January cold or (hopefully) out chasing around the little white ball in a warmer climate, the golf industry was trying to fi gure out what you want NEXT, and showing it off to retailers, golf shop owners, and our intrepid reporters at Golfers Guide.

With more than 10 square miles of show space hosting 1250 different golfrelated companies, thousands of people in the golf industry from all over the world visited Orlando in mid-January. Our regional publishers have their Top 10 list of interesting products worth a look:


Adjustable shafts

1.) Adjustable shafts -They’re all the rage now with the new USGA ruling allowing you to change shafts between rounds of play. Most of the major clubmakers will be out with some form of adjustable shafts in ’08, the most extreme being Taylor-Made’s kit, featuring three shafts, all the weights and tools, and yes, the driver head, goes for $999.

Jesse Ortiz/Dave Pelz Wedge2.) Jesse Ortiz/Dave Pelz Wedge - Renowned clubmaker Jesse Ortiz and shortgame guru Dave Pelz have collaborated on what they say is the first really “new” wedge technology in 50 years. No price info yet, but more information is available at

3.) Fybrids - What? Well, if there’s one hole in the clubmaking market these days, it’s that stick somewhere between the 3-wood and the hybrids. Tiger hits a 5-wood, but Wilson and Adams are two of the leaders in the “fybrid” or fairwayhybrid. ($199),


Accessories4.) Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider - We all have to travel with our clubs, which are bulky to say the least. Club-Glider may have hit on the biggest thing in club transportation since the wheel. Wheels that allow you to steer your clubs around airports, then fold away. $299.99

5.) EEZ-Read Putting Aid - This little dandy won the PGA Show’s Golf Innovation Award. It’s not really legal in competition, but it’ll help you learn to read putts better. It works on the same principle as the bubble-level you use around the house. Drop it on the green and it’ll read the breaks. $14.95

6.) 4-Yards More Golf Tee - A new low-friction plastic tee barely touches the ball and has been “field tested” in two different independent tests to go 4 yards further than conventional tees. $5.99 for a four-pack.

Smaller Rangefinders7.) Smaller Rangefinders - Now that everyone’s comfortable using them, the optical companies are making rangefi nders smaller and smaller. Bushnell’s new fits-in-yourpalm Tour V2 is the smallest yet. $349

8.) Adidas LST Lenses - Many of us don’t wear sun protection because we can’t read the greens with shades, right? adidas has developed a golf-specific tint that intensifi es the subtle variances of green and white to allow for better reads on the green. They’ve now got a whole line of sunglasses featuring the LST lenses. Prices vary. Apparel


ProQuip Rain Gear9.) ProQuip Rain Gear - 17 of the last 26 Ryder Cup captains on BOTH sides have used this rain gear featuring tops that can double as windshirts, yet are also water repellant. Not cheap, but guaranteed for 3-5 years.

10.) Loudmouth pants - Taking the outrageous pants of the 50s, or the 70s, and going a step farther. If you want to be the center of attention at your next event, check these out. $84.95.


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