Tour Professional's Swings Set Bad Example for All Amateur Golfers

Larry WiseAfter taking part in a recent online survey, amateur golfers have weighed in, and the results confirm that copying a professional golfer's swing doesn't work for them. 

Teens don’t find basics on how professionals do it. Seniors can’t relate to current professional’s swing speeds. Women are seeking distance, but can’t find it. A lack of basic golf learning techniques has stagnated amateur scoring. Overall, growth Of the game is effected. The findings are gleaned from more than ten years of ongoing personal discussion, surveys and debate.

America’s amateur golfers are upset, frustrated and disillusioned that overall amateur scoring is not improving. They indicate concern that televised professional golf is glamorizing ultra-thin, young professional golfers without any relationship to presenting sound learning techniques that in fact would help them with their personal game improvement.

According to President Larry Wise, anger and resentment toward the lack of clear basic understanding of golf fundamentals runs deep, particularly among higher handicap golfers, females and those who don’t know about or have handicaps.
“In attempt to help resolve some of these golf issues and continue to grow our golf learning outreach program, Lehigh University Athletic Department’s Mulvihill Golf Learning Center announces the contracting and positioning of Larry Wise, PGA Professional to our Goodman Campus Mulvihill Golf Learning Center site," said Jason Gall, assistant director of athletic facilities and events at Lehigh University. "Larry will immediately operate his Larry Wise Golf Performance Center by offering all golfers the opportunity to benefit from more than 46 years of PGA Professional teaching and playing experiences. 

"Any and all golfers who have an interest in improving their game and want to have more fun playing golf is welcome to visit the Mulvihill Golf Learning Center at Lehigh University."

Wise is committed to help amateurs play better golf and develop a better understanding of the gaem.

“Golf is a game for all ages and it is our hope that the programs offered at the new Lehigh Campus golf facility will help many golfers improve," he said. "in keeping with Lehigh’s education and learning environment it should prove to be a great opportunity for all golfers to receive the much needed game improvement tools they are seeking."


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