What's New in Equipment

I hope you were able to make it to the VICTORY GOLF SHOW in Valley Forge, a great opportunity to check out some of this year’s new equipment. I’ve been an Adams Golf guy for the past few years, their hybrids and hybrid irons make a tough game much easier and definitely  more fun. I’m waiting for delivery of my new Adams XTD Driver and Adams new 3-wood with Boxer technology.

Now that I’m hitting it longer and straighter, I still have to get it into the hole, and that’s where my new TRUE OPTIC PUTTER comes in. It’s a long putter, a necessity for me since my hands and nerves went bad many years ago. The long putter has been my savior and the TRUE OPTIC may be the best new development in putters in years.

It conforms to USGA Rules and is designed by International Clubmaker Assoc. award winner Bob Uebelhor, with consulting help from 2006 USGA Senior Amateur champ Mike Bell. The putter has a front white line and optical alignment cone lines which center the ball and tell you immediately if you’re off line. The triangular shape helps square the face. The putter weight is heavy and with a shaft that is the heaviest and strongest ski pole shaft on the market, twisting the putter during the stroke is eliminated.

Last year, you might remember that the “Stack and Tilt” was the way to improve your swing. In putting, you’ll want to use the “Lock and Rock” stroke, using the TRUE OPTIC PUTTER, which when used properly, will take the hands and small muscles out of the stroke. When you make putts, the whole world seems better. Lower your scores and have more fun with the TRUE OPTIC PUTTER. Here’s how you can get one. COST is $300 plus shipping. Mastercard and VISA accepted. Putter length up to 54 inches, optional insert in shaft to allow putter to break down for travel($50). Call 215-947-7790 or email: rosefactor@aol.com to order.



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