Boardroom Golf Unites Former Nun, Golf Pro

A former nun, now a business golf coach, has teamed up with a professional golf instructor to spread the word that Golf on a student's resume is a huge advantage for getting interviews, promotions and networking in the global marketplace. In their world, GOLF = Power & Profit for both men and women.

While Business Golf is not typically an elective course on a university business school's curriculum, their company is filling that void by offering unique workshops that educate, inspire and convince business students that Golf on a graduate's resume can be a decisive factor in whether he or she gets the interview that can lead to a possible hire or promotion.

The duo of veteran entrepreneur and Canon Businesswoman of the Year Joan C Cavanaugh (founder of the Boardroom Golf Institute) along with professional golfer Adz Kozlowski offer unique on-campus business golf workshops that a university could never offer or facilitate on their own. The benefit to the business students is to gain a competitive edge in the ultra-competitive world that they are about to enter.

The two connected when Kozlowski stumbled upon online through a "business golf" keyword search. Cavanaugh and Kozlowski met in New York City in 2011 and have teamed up with the same vision to get their message out to the business world. "We've found that many employers regard golf as a key business building tool, and when that employer sees that four letter word, GOLF, on a resume, the lights go on," says Cavanaugh. "It basically tells the employer that this candidate has a built-in competitive edge and so becomes more desirable to hire."

Boardroom Golf workshops offer what college textbooks don't: How to get noticed, how to get a competitive edge and how to build business relationships -- something the college business graduate needs to know and understand. The workshops cover life and business skills such as how to listen effectively, improve focus and complete tasks, and the game of golf offers practice in all of these important business skills. The workshops are highly interactive, entertaining, informative and inspirational, with a call to action for those who want to get on the fast track in their careers. 

For more information contact Joan Cavanaugh at (203) 556-7489, or e-mail her at



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