Golf Datatech To Unveil First-Ever Serious Golfers And Modern Media Study

Golf Datatech, LLC, the golf industry's leading independent research firm for consumer, trade and retail golf trends, recently announced the unveiling of golf's first comprehensive study of serious golfers' evolving media habits, including their attitudes toward monthly and weekly print publications, network and cable golf television, Internet usage, digital golf weeklies, social networking and newspapers.

The Serious Golfers and Modern Media Study also investigated the impact of emerging, new digital devices and how they are changing golf media consumption. The study results and recommendations are based on responses from 2,000 randomly selected golfers drawn from Golf Datatech's exclusive Serious Golfer Database, with significant data mining into critical sub-segments such as age, gender, handicap, etc.

"This study establishes a benchmark for the golf industry to understand shifting trends in modern media consumption. The serious golfer plays the bulk of the rounds, spends most of the money, and drives nearly every trend in golf, from participation to retail sales to what is read and watched. But it's too easy to generalize that modern digital media is changing everyone at the same time and at the same pace," said Tom Stine, Co-Founder of Golf Datatech. "Golf companies need to understand how serious golfers are adapting and using these new modes of communications and the potential impacts on their marketing spend and media planning."

For more information on the Serious Golfers and Modern Media Study or to order the study, call 888-944-4116 or visit


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