Golf remains valuable sport for businessmen

For business professionals, turning off the cell phone and spending the day on the golf course remains one of the greatest ways to build and maintain solid business relationships. Some people may think of golf as a hobby, time of leisure, relaxation, and fun. However more statistics have proven that the golf course is often where business deals get made. There is a famous expression that states, "Sports Build Character." Sports, like golf, give individuals the opportunity to gain intimate knowledge of their business associates or potential business partners while hittin' the greens.

We live in a society today where technology and social sites like Twitter, Facebook, texting and e-mail has made it easier for us to communicate with more people throughout the course of the day. This is extremely beneficial for many in the business world; however, this has caused less time for in-person interactions which is important in establishing relationships. It's essential that even in this technology driven society, we learn to keep activities around that give us the opportunity to physically interact and communicate, especially for businessmen. The 4-5 hours spent on the course is a great place to do this and there is compelling evidence that the game of golf can develop businessmen professionally.

According to, slightly more than half (56%) of IT professionals surveyed said that golf had helped their careers, whereas 73% of business executives said that playing golf has helped them professionally, and a whopping 93% of sales executives said the same. How a person plays the game of golf can also determine how they would handle a business situation as well. Golf can show ones integrity, their mannerisms, how they deal with success and failure and how they approach different situations.

David Rynecki, author of, Deals on the Green: Lessons on Business and Golf from America's Top Executives, states, "Golf teaches you about a person's reactions in adversity—how they deal competitively with situations—because with golf there is such an easy mechanism to take advantage of the rules," Rynecki writes. "I'm not worried about their skills as a player, but rather how they conduct themselves, as golf, like business and life, will test you in a multitude of ways."

Take Harold M. Spielman (Hal) and Marc Silbert for instance. These two men played in the same foursome for years. After Hal's wife passed away, he would often comment to Marc how little information was available for mature widowed men. Hal truly felt that no one really understood what was needed to cope with the new environment and life after losing a significant other. Marc and Hal had many discussions about this while on the golf course and riding in the cart. Eventually Hal, who's field was in market and communication research, decided he would do his own research on this topic and he asked Marc to do the writing. A deal was made, and from causal golf outings came a whole lot of success for Hal and Marc.

They began with 7 research studies with interviews of over 1,000 widowed or divorced men and over 600 widowed or divorced women. This turned into the book launch for:

Suddenly Solo: A LifeStyle Road Map For The Mature, Widowed or Divorced Man, in January 2013 and since then Marc and Hal have made appearances on NBC, CBS and radio as well. There has even been a request for them to host a weekly radio show.

Golf outings present the chance to not only develop relationships with clients, but also to attract new ones as well. As in Marc and Hal's case, enjoying a great round of golf on the links eventually turned into a business idea that lead to many great accomplishments for them. The bond formed between men during those hours playing golf is valuable and also key in creating business relationships today.

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