Kiawah Calls the PGA and You

Remember the drama of the 1991 Ryder Cup? Well, a whole new generation of the game’s elite will take to the stage this time in the first Big Four major championship ever played in South Carolina.

Joining the gallery or watching the tournament on TV this summer will be exciting, but here’s an even better idea: Take advantage of Kiawah’s winter rates now to book your own tee time on The Ocean Course and a night or two at The Sanctuary, the resort’s world-class oceanfront hotel. Treat your partner to an afternoon at the spa and a romantic sunset dinner and you’ll both leave Kiawah feeling like champions.

The Sanctuary

Arriving at The Sanctuary through a tunnel of live oaks, the hotel itself is nearly invisible because of all those trees and that’s just what the architects intended: Your first impression is a “Wow” as you walk through the doors. The Sanctuary’s grand entrance hall is as good as it gets: the multistory atrium abounds in light and space as your wide-open eyes are directed through gigantic windows above a football-field-size manicured lawn and over the sand dunes to the ocean breakers beyond. How this unique setting was created is remarkable:

First, more than 400 trees, including 160 Live Oaks at least 50 feet tall, were dug up by the world’s largest mechanical spade and transported to a nearby farm. Big loads of fill dirt were imported to raise the site to 21 feet above sea level. Having rejected all futuristic designs of glass and steel, construction began on a Charleston-style hotel of glass and brick and wood and stucco, with slate-tile shingles on the roof and intricate details in copper and iron everywhere. Then all of those hundreds of well-caredfor trees were returned and replanted on the site with the loss of only a single palmetto.

The result is a graceful double-winged luxury hotel that’s impressive without being imposing, spectacular without being pretentious and ultramodern in amenities without being at all “new” in appearance. Which makes The Sanctuary the perfect fit for a resort where great architecture is important—inside and out.

The Ocean Course

Five brilliant golf designers have built five outstanding courses at Kiawah, including The Ocean Course, the same one that hosted the memorable Ryder Cup—except that it’s really not. Nor is it the same course that architect Pete Dye originally planned. Nor is it exactly the same today as it will be tomorrow. And that’s part of its greatness.


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