Magazine unveils real-time golf course rankings, the first Top 100 lists where your vote counts

The LINKS100, which debuted in the Winter issue of the magazine, is the first accounting of top courses to harness the power and scope of the Internet to allow every golfer to have a voice. Anyone can participate and the results are updated continuously. Interested parties around the world are invited to log onto to create their own personal rankings of the best courses they've played, which they'll be able to add to and refine whenever a new course is played. And every time an individual list is changed, it will be tabulated into the LINKS100, with the results updated and reported on the LINKS site.

Once an individual saves his or her list online, the LINKS100 system enables them to match lists with other voters around the globe and find the people whose rankings are most similar to their own. Within the site there will also be an area for posting comments, photos -- even videos -- and comparing notes on courses played.

LINKS100 is the brainchild of George Peper, who created the first true list of "Top 100 Golf Courses in the World." In 1979, while Editor of GOLF Magazine, Peper unveiled the first ranking of the globe's greatest. But like all such lists at the time, it was the product of a limited few voices and rarely changed. This new system provides living, breathing rankings that have the capacity to recalculate in real time. Not only will the LINKS100 be constantly updating, it also will show the 10 Hottest and Coldest courses, the courses moving up and down the lists most rapidly at any given moment.

The list that appears in the Winter issue of LINKS is the baseline, voted on by more than 100 golf aficionados and a panel of experts including architects, writers and well-traveled golfers from around the world. As soon as golfers begin entering their own Top 100 ballots, the rankings will begin to change.

Besides appearing online and in the magazine, the LINKS100 will have its own Facebook page (under "LINKS100") and Twitter account (@linksonehundred) where golfers can follow the list's ups and downs. To begin filing your own list, go to


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