Blade Runner Golf Introduces New Black Magic Wedge

For golfers of all stripes, all styles, and all levels of experience, the short game is paramount. While many players spend countless hours perfecting their drives, they let their approach go unattended and unimproved -- which ultimately ends up costing them strokes, all but wasting those brilliant drives. Working on the short game, in other words, is critical for any golfer seeking success-which is precisely why Black Magic Wedge is proud to announce its new groove wedges.

Black Magic Wedge is a singular presence in the golf community, providing clubs designed to offer maximum efficacy as far as the short game is concerned. From wedges to putters, this company focuses exclusively on products intended to offer precision and control as players make their way onto the green. Black Magic Wedge even includes how-to booklets with its entire clubs, providing tips and strategies for players wishing to save strokes and reach the green with greater consistency.

The new groove wedge are no exceptions. These hybrid clubs come in several types. Indeed, Black Magic Wedge's new 2010 groove wedges include a chipper wedge, a pitching wedge, a lob wedge, a gap wedge, and a sand wedge-all of them designed for versatility as well as control, making them perfect clubs from 7 iron distances and in.

Like all of the Black Magic Wedge's next-generation golf products, these new groove wedges are expertly crafted. Indeed, they are engineered to improve any golfer's game, and in more ways than one. These wedges eliminate a shank, and they also offer a massive reduction in chunking. They ensure that players no longer experience troubles around the green and in the bunkers. Of course, these wedges also conform to all of the most current USGA requirements.

The secret to the efficacy of these Black Magic wedges is in their design; they offer a unique "No Hosel" on the face design which lends greater precision and control, and they have extra-wide soles, offering just the right amount of bounce. The practical effect of this is that these clubs do not drag in the sand and the turf as much as other clubs might.

The bottom line is that perfecting the short game is an area of immense concern for golfers of all skill levels, and it has never been easier than it is now, with Black Magic Wedge's new line of products. These groove wedge are designed to eliminate or reduce short game problems from your short game-period. For more information about these hybrid wedges, or to order, visit


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