CHAMP Introduces New Divot Repair Instrument


CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering has a new ultra-lightweight divot repair instrument on the market. Called the FLIX, the tool features a switchblade-like design, making it collapsible with the bush of a button.

The company, known for its spikes, golf tees and accessories, claims the FLIX is heavy duty enough to handle stubborn divots and can be comfortably stored without fear of damaging pants pocket linings. The FLIX is available in orange, lime green, pink, black and white.

"As a matter of proper etiquette, all golfers should use a divot tool, and we've designed the most comfortable, functional option on the market," said Harris MacNeill, president and CEO of CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering. "It's so small and sleek that players will forget it's in their pocket until they need it."

The FLIX features a magnetically attached ball-marker that can be customized to include company, club or event logos and names. The cost of the tool is $9.99. It can be ordered online at


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