Cleveland Golf Gets its Groove On

Cleveland's CG15 wedgeIn January of this year, the clever men and women at the USGA started to implement their ‘cunning plan’ of limiting the size and shape of grooves on the clubface. This was an ingenious way to reprioritize the importance of placing the ball in the fairway.

“The changes reduce spin on shots played from the rough,” they boasted, “and thereby restore the challenge of shots played from the rough to the green.”

The new standards, on the whole, appear to have worked quite well. Driving accuracy on Tour is up in 2010 to 74.97 percent (which is higher than last year) and the general consensus from the golfing public is pretty favorable.

Meanwhile, the scientists at the leading golf companies are frantically trying to think up new ideas that would push the regulations to the limit, allowing their companies to stay ahead of their competitors. The visionaries over at Cleveland Golf have used this call to arms to develop a new and innovative line of CG15 wedges.

Available in four different finishes (Black Pearl, Satin Chrome, Oil Quench and DSG Oil Quench) Cleveland golf has seized the opportunity and used the new rules to reinvent themselves through their new “Zip groove” technology, which combines the new standards with a laser milled face to increase friction and thus enhance performance.

A closer look at the CG15's grooves

They further expanded on their successful CG14 wedge model by trimming excess mass on the sole of the club, which makes bunker play easier for players of all levels.

The icing on the cake for Cleveland Golf is that they boast 22 different wedge offerings with lofts ranging from 46 degrees to 64 degrees, all of which are available for lefties.  Every club comes with the choice of a low, medium, or high bounce options. Cleveland offers more variation and choice in their wedges than all of the other major club manufacturers on the market place.

And so, with over 300 PGA wins to their credit Roger Cleveland and Co., must once again be feeling pretty pleased with themselves that they were able to overcome yet another obstacle.

Buy this item at Golf Galaxy The boffins at the USGA are probably happy too, sitting around, laughing and nudging each other on the shoulder, talking about how they’ve pushed around the world’s leading equipment brands. Yet as I stood in line at the golf store, ready to purchase my new 54 and 60 degree zip grooved, medium bounce wedges, something alarming suddenly occurred to me. I stepped out of line, put the wedges back and walked out of the store having not made a purchase.

Yes, the CG15 wedges are a terrific line of clubs - the best on the marketplace. The problem? Well, the new rule doesn’t start to apply to amateurs until 2014, and won’t be fully mandatory until 2024. I’ve seen the movies, so I know that the world is going to end in 2012. We’ll all be long gone by the time we need to invest in this revolutionary line of wedges.

I guess they’re not so smart after all.



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