Company Launches Portable, Pop-Up Golf Practice Net


Launched at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, the sports company Rukket has designed a pop-up golf practice net. Weighing just 14 pounds and easily folding into a small, flat and convenient bag, the Rukk Net is simple for the on-the-go golfer to set up, take down and store.

Designed with a spring steel frame, the Rukk Net is durable and can withstand even your strongest swing. When you've reached your practice destination simply take the Rukk Net out its bag and it pops up fast and easy.

Whether you are indoors, in a garage or basement, outside on the patio, a practice field, or at the beach the Rukk Net is the most effective and simple practice net on the market. The Rukk Net is designed by golfers for golfers- but with the durability and versatility to be used for any sport.

Use the same practice net for golf, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, and football. Not only is the Rukk Net portable, but dynamically designed with a ball return system in mind. Every swing will result in a precise return so that you don't have to fetch your ball with every swing.

This efficient feature cuts down on unnecessary reaching for the ball so that you can make the most of your practice time. Use the Rukk Net to get in that groove and perfect your swing.

Last but not least, the Rukk Net has various attachments to practice chipping, test your pitching accuracy, and provide shade when you're caught on a hot day or in the rain.

Each attachment easily connects to the Rukk Net and has also been designed with portability and storage in mind. Don't feel guilty feeding your golf habit, share with your kids or with your significant other at the local sporting event. For a limited time, when you buy the Rukk Net online you'll receive shipping and the Chip It or Pitch It attachment for free. Use the coupon code "Golf Pulp" online at MSRP is $179.99


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