Dixon Golf Adds Ladies Ball to Its Lineup

Now that Father's Day has passed and Webb Simpson has won the US Open, it's time to shift our attention back to the ladies of golf. As such, Dixon Golf is announcing the launch the first eco-friendly ladies ball -- the Dixon Spirit.

The first and only eco-friendly golf ball manufacturer already has three other ball offerings to cater to all levels of golfers: the Earth, suitable for all golfers; the Wind, an extreme distance ball and the Fire, a multi-layer tour-caliber golf ball.

The Spirit ball has been engineered to help lady golfers get the most out of their game. The Spirit ball will retail for $29.95.

"It is the goal of Dixon Golf to offer its high performance eco-friendly golf products to all golfers. The Spirit ball has been in development for quite some time, and we feel we finally got it right. The Spirit was tested and developed specifically to suit the needs of lady golfers," Dixon Golf CEO William Carey said.

The new Spirit ball will feature a 392 dimple pattern and the proprietary Crystal Pink Eco-coverTM, as well as Dixon Golf's high-velocity GreenCoreTM - for added distance. Along with the golf ball, the three-year-old golf company is also making Spirit branded T-shirts.

Spirit Characteristics:
* For swing speeds of less than 100 MPH
* Designed for ladies with a handicap of 10+
* Medium trajectory and roll * Soft feel (compression)
* Medium spin

For more information about Dixon Golf, visit DixonGolf.com.


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