Expresso Satellite Navigation Debuts Designer GPS Golf Watch

iGolf, a division of L1 Technologies, announced that their partner, Expresso Satellite Navigation (ESN), debuted wr62_main_image_low_res.jpgthe world's first designer GPS golf watch at the recent PGA Show in Orlando. The ESN WR62 GPS Golf Watch provides up to seven distance measurements including the front, center and back of the green, along with hazards, layups and miscellaneous points of interest to a golfer. "When ESN first showed the watch prototype to the iGolf team, it was clear they understood the need for a small, form-fitting watch with a large screen to quickly display yardage distances to the user," said Gary Symington, General Manager of the iGolf Division. "We are thrilled to have innovative partners such as ESN developing intriguing new golf GPS products under the Powered by iGolf partnership."

The WR62's large, user-friendly distance call-outs ensure maximum readability, all conveniently placed on your wrist. The WR62 also delivers unprecedented GPS performance with its 62-channel satellite receiver while maintaining a long battery life. In addition, being a "Powered by iGolf" partner ensures the watch is technologically sound and accurate, with an expansive and proven world-wide database available to the golfer right out of the box.

"The WR62 is a stylish everyday watch that also is a golf GPS range finder," said David Alexander, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ESN. "Offering distances to the green as well as hazards make it a no brainer for the golfer who wants instant and accurate yardages." The WR62 retails for $179.95, requires no fees and is ready to use right out of the box.

Since 2003, iGolf, operated by L1 Technologies, has developed enterprise-level and direct-to-consumer GPS software, products and services for the golf industry. Thousands of golfers rely on iGolf Mobile applications, Powered by iGolf partner products and every day to provide GPS data and listings for more than 34,000 courses world wide. For more information visit


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