Miura Golf Offering Limited Edition Tour Bag

Miura Golf, whose forged irons have helped players make great golf shots for more than 50 years, has introduced the Miura Limited Edition Tour Bag.

"The world's finest forged golf clubs deserve the very best bag -- and for players who prefer a tour look, Miura's new tour-style golf bag is the perfect home for Miura clubs", said Adam Barr, president of Miura Golf.

The 9-inch diameter top features six dividers all the way down to the sturdy base of the bag -- plenty of room for 14 clubs. The carrying strap can be attached with a two- or three-point harness. A hidden umbrella pocket keeps players prepared for sudden rain. There's an ample "belly" pocket can easily hold a rain suit and a pair of shoes. All these features, and the bag weighs just 9.5 pounds. At that light weight, the new Miura tour-style bag works well on a golf cart or the popular three-wheel push carts, or "trolleys".

Then there's the look. Miura insisted on the highest quality enamel-finish polyurethane, which gives a clean, shiny look without being overly reflective. And it's durable -- this bag will hold up for many years of frequent use, and it's not afraid of extensive travel and heavy weather.

The new Miura tour bag is a limited-production item; it will sell out quickly. Suggested retail price is $675, and it's at your authorized Miura dealer/fitter or by emailing Miura directly at info@miuragolf.com.


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