Ping Launches Two New Complete Product Lines

Ping GolfPing has placed the cherry on top of its 50th anniversary season.

The company recently introduced what it deemed as "its most comprehensive product launch in history," in the form of two new complete series of clubs. 

Both the G15 and i15 Series will include drivers, irons, hybrids and fairway woods, but are engineered with two distinct player profiles in mind.

"Our engineering team continues to research and analyze the needs of all golfers," said company Chairman and CEO Johnn A. Solheim. "Our newest families of clubs address the specific performance goals of these players and they are designed accordingly.

The G15 brand is geared toward the average or recreational golfer and continues Ping's focus on developing the most forgiving and easy-to-hit clubs on the market. The i15 Series is designed for golfers who prefer clubs that offer more workability and control.

Ping G15 DriverPing also introduced its new iN Series putter line (10 models) and two new models to both its JAS and i-Series putter lines.

The first-ever launch by Ping of two complete families in the main equipment categories was led by John K. Solheim, Ping's vice president of engineering and the oldest son of John A. Solheim.

"This approach furthers Ping's goal of bringing higher performing products to market that meet the varying needs of golfers of all abilities," said John K. Solheim. "The technologies available today, from a design and fitting perspective, allow us to segment a product's attributes like never before. Combine that with our expert teams of engineers and researchers, who define those attributes in the development process, and we're able to provide this type of targeted product to help all golfers improve their games."

One of the first touring professionals to put the new clubs into play was Mark Calcavecchia, who set a record with nine consecutive birdies during last month's RBC Canadian Open. Calcavecchia was using the new G15 driver.

"The early feedback from our Tour staff has been very favorable," added Solheim. "Several players put the product in play immediately and others will wait for the opportune time. I was at Turnberry for the Open Championship and had several great comments from the pros."

Each of the designs was engineered with an emphasis on custom fitting to ensure all golfers a combination of club specifications to match their games. In both the G15 and i15 irons, 12 color codes (lie angles), multiple shaft flexes in steel and graphite and a new Ping grip in six sizes provide the most comprehensive fitting options in the industry.

Ping i15The metal woods all offer multiple lofts and two stock shaft offerings in a variety of flexes. The lofts of each metal wood complement the weighting properties of each head design to optimize the flight characteristics.

"Custom fitting continues to grow in importance for golfers wanting to improve their games," the younger Solheim added. "What we're learning from our nFlight Fitting Software and other research is being incorporated into our development process. It's leading us in some very interesting and exciting directions as we look for ways to help lower scores and make the game more enjoyable."



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