Sabona Rolls Out New Line Of Magnetic Necklaces


Copper and magnetic bracelet manufacturer Sabona is adding athletic necklaces to its product line.

The company has developed a necklace with the same Sabona look, retailing for $24.99. The necklaces are available in black, red, white, blue and pink. One size fits most.

"We introduced our first leather magnetic necklace at the beginning of 2012 and are pleased to introduce a sporty, casual necklace to the Sabona line," Sabona national sales manager Corey McNew said.

Necklaces feature the combination of 1200 gauss magnets and minus ion producing materials. Samarium cobalt magnets, each positioned bio north against the skin, will not rust from body moisture or as the necklace is washed. They will be available in July. For more information, call (800) 497-4199 or go online to


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