Shaft Skinz® - Play with Color™

Shaft Skinz® – Play with Color™ Whether it's a flashy diamond-studded belt buckle, a bright orange camouflage hat or a pair of loud pants, today's image-conscious golfers have fallen in love with products that allow them to express both their personality and individuality on the golf course.

If you're looking to add a new colorful component to your golf bag, look no further than Shaft Skinz - decorative wafer-thin plastic sleeves for your shafts that have the added benefit of protecting the surface from the day-to-day knocks and scrapes that they take. 

Shaft Skinz come in a range of designs including Camo, Champagne, Confetti, New Fire, Puzzle, Skull and Snake. On the way to stores soon is the brand new Crackle design that will feature a two-color blend aimed toward team colors. Eight color combinations will be released in the first wave.

The Shaft Skinz sleeves are compatible with any club, from putter to driver and even go around the bends in putters shafts. They even conform to the USGA and R&A "Rules of Golf," making them suitable for all levels of play from juniors to professional in all parts of the world.

How to get Shaft Skinz®

The most convenient way to get your hands on Shaft Skinz is to visit your local golf retailer or pro shop. If your retailer already stocks Shaft Skinz, they can apply the product for you in the store in just a few minutes at a cost of $9.95 for one or $23.95 for four. If there is no local retailer in the area who carries Shaft Skinz, encourage them to do so.

If you are a retailer and are interested in stocking Shaft Skinz  contact for information on how to go about offering these colorful components to your customers. Shaft Skinz welcomes interest from retailers in all parts of the world.

Shaft Skinz® – Play with Color™ Shaft Skinz are currently available in 21 countries, including the United States. For a complete list of U.S. retailers, please visit

The product can also be directly ordered from the web store, and then applied by the customer.  Be sure to use a suitably strong hair dryer and follow the instructions to the letter for perfect results.  There are also movies on the web site under the How To section showing you the process.

Played by the Pros

Shaft Skinz have been put into tournament play by pros on the PGA Tour, the European Tour, the LPGA Tour, the Ladies European Tour, The Japan Tour and the Duramed Futures Tour.

In 2009 alone, players that currently use Shaft Skinz have claimed multiple victories on the LPGA Tour, including a major championship.

"It's exciting to be associated with such great professionals who are having success at the highest levels while using Shaft Skinz," explained Company Director, Martin Greeves. "We want people to realize that even at the top of the game these players are able to have fun and express themselves by decorating their shafts with designs that they love and at the same time can compete and, more importantly, win."


To see the full list of Shaft Skinz Tour players, including pictures of them with their colorfully decorated shafts, visit the Shaft Skinz Web site at




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