The Best Drivers According to Your Ability

We all know those moments. The moments where you tip toe away from your wife’s watching eye, duck for cover in the nearest golf store and for a few precious moments, savior all the newest technology the golf industry has on offer.

All of a sudden, out of the corner of your eye you spot a club so perfect that the question becomes not whether I should buy it, but rather how quickly can I buy it and sneak it into the car before the wife realizes her “shopping-bag caddy” is not actually on the toilet.

This month, we’re taking a look at the ‘flashiest’ and most exciting category of golf clubs — Drivers. I’ll attempt to give you a head start on the best products on offer for all players, and thus help plan your escape route to the car so when you next visit the golf course with your new weapon, you will do so with your head still intact."

For the low handicappers (>6)

Nike has, in my opinion, always made very good-looking Tour drivers, and the VR STR8-FIT is without doubt their best yet. Modern technology with a classic look, Nike has created a driver specifically tuned to the needs of the better players. At 440cc, the clubhead is slightly smaller than the 460cc limit, which ensures that maximum workability off the clubface will be retained and shot shaping will not be a problem with this club in the bag.

The adjustable hosel is a fun tool to fiddle around with, but lacks the visual appeal that the rest of the club carries. Overall, a very good looking and solid club ideally suited for the lower handicappers.

For the mid Handicappers (7-14)

Adams Golf continues their resurgence as a major force in the golfing world with what is perhaps their most exciting product ever. Adams claims their Speedline Fast 10 Driver features a level of aerodynamics unmatched by all other companies in the marketplace. The driver’s design includes a longer clubhead that shallows out the face slightly which, as a result, increases both launch angle and forgiveness.

Adams Speedline Fast 10 driverAdams golf has created a driver that establishes a good middle-ground between forgiveness and workability and is a must buy for those looking to be on the side of cutting-edge golf technology. Adams also offers a draw biased Speedline driver for those struggling to turn the ball over.

For the high handicappers (<14)

Callaway Golf continue to satisfy the masses by offering yet another high quality and easy to hit club at an affordable price. The new FT-iZ features a triangular shaped head which pulls weight more towards the back end of the club and combines with a shallower clubface to promote higher and straighter ball flight. It’s an easy to understand design that succeeds in maximizing forgiveness for its players and begs the question: Why make golf more difficult than it already is?  



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