Trilogy Fairway Wood - Stay Straight No Matter How Narrow

Exotics Trilogy Rail fairway woodLet’s face it, golf is a difficult game. For many golfers, miss-hitting a fairway wood can make even the most moral golfer swear like a sailor. With the new Exotics Trilogy Rail fairway wood, you’ll swear by it not at it - because hitting off the deck just got easier.

The Trilogy fairway wood expands Tour Edge’s superiority in the fairway wood segment with a club that focuses on forgiveness. This fairway wood delivers easy-to-hit, perfect shots from deep rough, firm turf, and even the worst lies.

What’s the secret to this remarkable club? The Trilogy’s three-rail sole. The revolutionary, large, diamond-shaped inner rail performs as a rudder guiding the clubface into a square position at impact for easier-to-hit shots. The two outer rails make up the last two parts of the trilogy sole and move more mass to the rear heel and toe for enhanced stability on off-center hits.

In addition, engineers took a page out of formula one race car design and utilized CAD frequency analysis to make the club more efficient. This computer-aided design technique measures frequency from a simulated ball strike and redistributes the weight and wall thickness for greater forgiveness, longer shots, and better feel.

Of course every golfer wants to hit the ball farther and the Trilogy is about more than just forgiveness. The club features multi-metal construction combining a hyper-steel body with a thinner maraging steel face for added distance. The elliptical variable face thickness delivers proven forgiveness and distance from more points on the face for longer more accurate shots.

Exotics Trilogy Rail fairway wood

To help lift shots easily into the air and to make hitting from tight lies less intimidating, the Trilogy has a 60-gram internal weight that lowers the center of gravity and adds stability to the club head even on off-center hits.

Give the Exotics Trilogy Rail fairway wood a try. With a retail price of $199, it sells for at least a hundred dollars less than previous new Exotics fairway woods. The club comes standard with a lightweight Graphite Design Tour AD 60 shaft, Tour Edge Golf’s 30-day play guarantee, and lifetime warranty. For a store near you visit or call (800) 515-3343.


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