Wishon Golf Introduces Smoooth Series Putters

Wishon putters

The Wishon Smoooth Series putter model is offered in mallet and heel toe design with tungsten and steel weighting for high moment of inertia. The putters come in black and white versions.

The Smoooth Series name comes from the highly polished smooth aluminum face which lowers the friction between face and ball for more consistent roll.


* Three different high moment of inertia multi-material putter designs.
* Smoooth models 6 and 7 are mallet style; Smooth model 5 is a semi-mallet heel/toe weighted design.
* Smoooth models 6, 7 available in RH/LH heel shafted and center bore versions. Model 5 in heel shafted design in RH and LH.
* Each Smoooth Series putter model is designed with significant weight addition capability to offer a wide range of putter weight fitting options. Smoooth model 5 allows up to 42 grams of headweight increase; models 6,7 allow up to 70 grams increase.
* Smoooth models 6, 7 both forged From Soft 6061 aluminum with tungsten weighting added to the top areas to increase the MOI and raise the CG for better performance.
* Smoooth model 5 designed with 6061 aluminum center area and stainless steel heel and toe weights to increase the MOI while delivering a soft impact feel. * White versions of the model 6 and 7 available.

Find more information online at wishongolf.com.


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