Wristbands Help Raise Funds For Alzheimer’s

With a goal of raising awareness and funds for the Cure Alzheimer's Fund, the DriveHard fundraising project is selling and distributing golf wristbands. The wristbands are white silicon bands, molded with a golf ball dimple pattern.

 “We're really excited to be working in conjunction with Cure Alzheimer's Fund on this project and to be supporting their work,” said Scott Stevens, who is spearheading the DriveHard fundraising project. “Their dedication and determination with regards to Alzheimer's research is inspirational.”

DriveHard golf wristbands are available for purchase online at www.DriveHard.org. The wristbands sell in 10 packs ($30) for individuals or 100 packs ($150) for retailers, pro shops, tournament organizers etc.

About Cure Alzheimer's Fund
Cure Alzheimer's Fund is a 501(c)(3) public charity. The goal of the Cure Alzheimer's Fund (CAF) is to stop the disease before it even strikes, with early prediction and prevention. Since 2005, CAF has discovered 120 other genes that are linked with Alzheimer’s and make up the other 70 percent of those at risk. But more importantly, identifying these genes is the first step to understanding the cause of the disease before a cure can be found. Research is the only path to progress.

For the past five years, CAF has focused some of the best scientific minds in the industry on fighting this disease. Their researchers are focused on cutting-edge work that is making progress in the search for a cure. They are tackling the biggest issues in Alzheimer’s disease at renowned institutions across the United States and abroad. More information about Cure Alzheimer's Fund can be found online at: www.curealz.org

About DriveHard
DriveHard is a fund raising project aimed at engaging the golf industry while raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer's. This is being done through the sales and distribution of their DriveHard golf wristbands. More information about DriveHard can be found online at: www.DriveHard.org


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