Golf Tips from...The Golf Academy

Improve Tee Shots

Replace Long Irons with Lofted Woods A driver does not go much farther than a 3 wood unless it is in the hands of a very skilled player. The loft and length of the 3 wood makes it easier to control and improves the direction of your shots.

Replace Long Irons with Lofted Woods

The tendency with long irons is to try to help the ball up, creating a topped shot and less solid contact. Conversely, lofted fairway woods or hybrid irons, 5, 7, 9 and even 11 woods, allow you to get the ball airborne more readily because of their loft, mass and lower center of gravity.

Master Your Short GameMaster Your Short Game

There are many situations where the ground is relatively flat and the grass is clipped short. A low running shot is the high percentage play in these situations. Choose any club from a 3 wood to an 8 iron. Play the ball back in your stance, with your weight left and your hands ahead of the ball.

Lengthen Your Backstroke for Better Putting

To improve your distance control, concentrate on making your backstroke longer and don’t worry so much about accelerating through the ball. The pace of your stroke should be the same speed back and through.


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