Golf Tips From The Golf Academy at The Sea Pines Resort

2 x 4 Drill for Putting
Take a 2 x 4, about 6 inches in length; place it on its side along the left edge of the hole. With the heel of the putter against the board, place the ball even with the sweet spot on the putter, about 4 inches from the ole. Stroke the putt without the heel leaving the board. This will help your stroke to go straight back and straight through.

Lengthen Your Backstroke for Better Lag Putting
Most average golfers have difficulty judging the speed of long putts. To improve your distance control, concentrate on making your backstroke longer and don’t worry so much about accelerating through the ball. The pace of your stroke should be the same speed back and through. Your follow through may be shorter than your backstroke due to the resistance of the ball at impact. The momentum that’s created on the backstroke combined with gravity, the putter and the weight of your arms will move the putter through resulting in better contact and distance control.

Hip Movement and Weight Shift Identical to Tennis Player!
A simple way to illustrate the hip movement and weight shift in the golf swing is to observe a tennis player. As the ball approaches, they brace their right leg and pivot on the right hip shifting the majority of their weight to the right foot. Their first move on the forward stroke is a slide of the hips to the left to shift the weight and then a turning or clearing of the left hip to make a path for the arm stroke. This move is virtually identical to the hip movement and weight shift in the golf swing.

Split Finger Drill
Point index finger of non-gloved hand down side of shaft. Point finger back on backswing and point finger toward target on follow through, keeping finger on the side of the shaft. This trains the hands to remain in a square position through impact.

Try a 3 Wood for Tee Shots
Contrary to popular belief a driver does not go much farther than a 3 wood unless it is in the hands of a very skilled player. The loft and length of the 3 wood make it easier to control and improves the trajectory of your shots, helping the ball carry in the air a greater distance. Try this, play a few rounds and hit a driver and a 3 wood off each tee. Track the scores you produce with each club, and I think you will be surprised with the results. Stick with the club that works best for you to maximize your scoring potential.

Low, Running Shot Around Green
Too many players take out a lofted club for every shot they play around the greens. Obviously when going over a trap or negotiating a high bank, these clubs are needed. There are many situations around the green where the ground is relatively flat and the grass is clipped short. A low running shot is the high percentage play in these situations. Choose any club from a 5 to an 8 iron, play the ball a bit back of center, put your hands ahead of the club head and make your stroke. Be sure the handle (grip) stays ahead of the club head when you strike the ball. You will save many strokes around the greens with this easy to execute shot. 



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