I Need Help With My Driver!

Roben SuttonIt is by far the most frequent request from people who come to me for a lesson. Often, I hear something like, “I’m pretty good with my short irons, I hit my hybrids pretty well, but my driver really gives me fits.”

My response is usually, “Let’s get you warmed up with some of your more userfriendly clubs and then go to the driver and see what changes.” I know I’m about to give a lesson on how to “behave” when you’re swinging the golf club called “the Driver”.

The physical swing changes that occur most often with golfers who are “driver challenged” are: failure to complete their backswing, starting down abruptly, failure to complete their forward swing, and clenching the club rather than releasing it.

Learning to behave like a good golfer with a driver in hand is learning not to behave like a home run hitter. When a good golfer hits a good seven iron to a green, he or she wants to strike it solidly, see it fl y straight and land on the green and not over their target. Most golfers struggling with their tee ball are trying to hit it over everything, as far as they can imagine.

Use your head to take control of your behavior. When you pull out the driver, imagine you are playing a par-3 just a little longer than you can hit your 3-wood. Visualize a green in your landing area and try to land your tee shot ON it, not OVER it. Hopefully, this will get you on the right track of hitting solid tee shots that go straight and as far as you can hit them, rather than as far as you want to hit them.

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