JPGA - Juniors Players Golf Academy of Hilton Head Island

JPGA - Juniors Players Golf Academy of Hilton Head IslandAs the annual host of a renowned PGA Tour event, Hilton Head Island has had a hand in launching some impressive professional golf careers over the years. Thanks to the Junior Players Golf Academy of Hilton Head Island, this sleepy barrier island is also building the foundation to successful collegiate experiences for dozens of junior golfers every year.

At the JPGA, a year-round golf and academic academy, it’s not about simply getting students college scholarships, it’s about getting them scholarships to the college of their choice; no small task considering the competitive nature of junior golf these days. The nine month program strikes the perfect balance between instruction and competition, better preparing students for what they will face at the ultra-competitive collegiate level.

JPGA students enjoy the advantage of competing regularly on the FCWT Junior Golf Tour (Future Collegiate World Tour), a nationally ranked junior golf tour played largely during the winter months and attended by some of the top college coaches in the country.

Additionally, the JPGA employs a student/teacher ratio of no more than 4 to 1, much lower than other golf schools that might have ratios as high as 10 to 1 or even more.

“That’s a very important aspect of our program,” said Keith Bach, JPGA owner and director of programs. “Our instructors really work hard with the students and it goes beyond golf instruction. We teach life lessons to them as well.”

Juniors Players Golf Academy of Hilton Head Island Preparing students for college competition and gaining tournament experience on the competitive FCWT Junior Golf Tour is the core of the JPGA mission, Bach and his staff have structured a well-rounded program that includes quality education, an integrated fitness program and enough free time and leisure activities to allow the teenagers to feel like, well, teenagers.

High school-aged students attend the private Hilton Head Preparatory School in the shadow of the Sea Pines Resort while post-graduate students can attend the University of South Carolina at Beaufort. Both schools provide the highest level of education while allowing the students to focus on their golf game as well.

“You have to have a well rounded program that keeps the kids busy and focused throughout the day,” Bach said. “It’s not just about golf lessons.”

While that is certainly the case, the golf instruction students receive at the academy is second to none. Each student receives one-on-one attention with their instructor both on the practice range and during on-course sessions. The program is designed not only to create a sound golf swing that will hold up under signifi cant pressure, but to provide course management, mental conditioning and physical training that builds better athletes and thus better golfers.

To make life easier on the parents, Bach has created an all inclusive program that includes: instruction, housing, transportation meals and even six pre-paid entries and travel costs into FCWT events.

“We’ve set a program and a price structure where parents feel good about getting what they are paying for.” Bach said. In the end, parents are giving their children an opportuniy to fulfill a dream of playing collegiate golf at the highest level. That’s something that is difficult to put a price on.

Junior Players Golf Academy of Hilton Head Island,In addition to its full-time academic program, the JPGA also offers summer and holiday camps for aspiring and even beginning golfers. Providing a glimpse into what the full-time program offers, the fiveday camp includes video analysis to help students better understand their own swing and to improve upon the fundamentals of the game. All camps also include on-course instruction each day with the professional to help reinforce morning instruction.

“By the end of the five-day camp, about 90 percent of the kids are ready to sign up for the full academy,” Bach said. “They get a little taste of what the program is all about and it gives us a good indication of the kind of player they can become.”

The JPGA also offers both a one- and two-day camp for the less experienced or accomplished junior golfer. For more information on the Junior Players Golf Academy of Hilton Head Island, visit or call 800.646.5376.


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