Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy

Instruction for Everyone — De-Mystified!

Palmetto Dunes Golf AcademyGoing to school while you’re on vacation seems like an oxymoron, like “jumbo shrimp” or “almost pregnant”, but the professional teaching staff at the Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy not only ma es vacation golf lessons fun, they’ll probably make you want to re-enroll!

Where else can you show up on a Monday afternoon at 4pm, every Monday, for years now, and enjoy a free, no obligation clinic and exhibition from Director of Instruction (and former PGA TOUR pro) Doug Weaver and his PGA accredited staff of teachers? Weaver’s mantra has always been that while golf is not an easy game, it’s a game of ease, and you can see it in their laid-back approach that de-mystifies a game many instructors make endlessly complicated.

Once a visitor realizes how comfortable they can be with the instructors at The Golf Academy at Palmetto Dunes, they can dive into a menu of teaching options second to none in their variety and scope. Sure, there’s the individualized instruction in a one-onone setting like other resorts and clubs, but the ability to tailor the teaching to fit your comfort level is what sets Palmetto Dunes apart.

There are daily clinics with specific emphasis on short game or full swing instruction that invite anyone to participate, as well as 2 and 3-day schools that include instruction, video analysis, unlimited range use, and three great Palmetto Dunes courses to try out your “new” game!

Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy Junior Clinics separated by age and experience level are offered, including multi-day summer programs and a new Girls Only program is being introduced to bring the game to young women in a stress-free environment.

A Ladies Only package featuring Lindsey Letzig, the only woman assistant pro teaching on the Island, has already become a muchtalked-about program that has brought spouses who no longer want to be golf widows much-needed confidence in their own knowledge and abilities from a passionate promoter of the game. Oh yes, participants in Lindsey’s program also walk away with a $40 gift certificate to the nearby European Medical Spa.

The Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy can even build a customized golf experience for your entire family, complete with instruction, video analysis, on-course fun featuring tips on rules and etiquette, unlimited range time and the chance for the whole gang to learn and develop a love of the game together.

The trend in golf-based vacations is becoming more obvious every season. Families want vacation options that include more to do, together. Vanishing is the “dad goes to play golf every day while mom and the kids just head for the beach.” Everyone wants more choices. The forward-thinking folks at Palmetto Dunes are addressing this sea-change in philosophy with an instructional program that ever-so-gently makes the game more enjoyable for anyone who wants to play more golf.

For more information on the Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy, visit or call (800)-827-3006 toll free, or (843) 785-1138.


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