The Moment of Truth

Golf AcademyImpact is the culmination of all that has gone on before it. The quality and direction of your shot is determined here. It is the most dynamic in a series of increasingly dynamic positions. And as such, you cannot simply place yourself at impact durig motion if the previous positions are not joined together in a dynamic fashion.

Try this drill to help you know the position. Find a mirror and pose at impact the way you picture it. Now compare it to Melissa’s position: -right knee points in- right foot is rolled inward up on toes- hips partially facing target- back of left wrist flat – butt end of the club is pointing forward of the clubhead.The golf swing is dynamic and you want to swing without mechanical thoughts. Arnold Palmer thinks of his swing as moving picture. Seeing yourself on our video system will reinforce your positive moves and encourage you to correct the negative moves. The simple guidance from our instructor will set you free of multiple swing thoughts and unsatisfying golf games. We encourage you to become an instinctive golfer that pictures the shot, feels the shot then lets it happen.

The Follow-Through and the Finish position are results of the previous motions. At impact if the right heel is flat on the ground, then the right knee is limited in its contribution to power. The right knee movement determines the mobility of the hips. The hips are the greatest source of power in the body. Ben Hogan, Annika and Tiger all say the lower body leads the way.

To make you more mobile we offer a free massage from the European Spa with our Ladies Only Golf Class.

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