The Club Maker

The Club Maker

10B Johnston Way
Bluffton, SC 299101

P: 843-757-7636

The Club Maker, Connie Rockhill

(Former Member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division)

I will personalize your golf lesson to surpass your golfing expectations.With my in-depth knowledge and experience from over two and a half decades in club fitting, I will guide you through the basics of the game at the same time analyzing of your equipment. What a combination!

Lessons are based on the encompassing of a proper golf stance, setup, alignment and grip, combined with the confidence that you are using the correct grip size, shaft length and flex, lie and loft angle and swing weight.

Regardless of what degree of golfer you are, before you take any other golf lesson, you must take advantage of the ABCs of Golf for the confidence that you are taking instruction with golf equipment that is properly suited to your game.

On the course lessons:
Invite me for a round of golf and I will help fine-tune your game. Rates quoted on a case-by-case basis.

For more information please call (843) 757-7636 or visit the website

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