Doug Weaver

Doug WeaverThe cat in the Panama hat is pretty tough to miss, whether it be on TV (as host of “HHI Golf Weekly on cable channel 3) or bouncing around the Robert Trent Jones practice range and putting green. Like Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan novels, the omnipreset Doug Weaver seemingly never stops moving, dispensing the teaching wisdom he’s collected in his many years in the game (some of you might not know this, but the former PGA TOUR player also played the weekend in two U.S. Opens) as so much pixie-dust.

Weaver, the long-time Director of Golf Instruction at Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy and Palmetto Hall, chuckles when he says he “gives hope to the hopeless”. But there’s a kernel of truth to that, and his more serious theory of helping golfers “play to their potential.”

Doug Weaver“I want to set golfers free to reach their potential in golf, to enjoy the competition and relax while they’re playing,” says Weaver. His hands-on applications have won converts all over the country. “I’ve taken lessons with other pros, but Doug was the one who finally got through to me that ‘tension was the enemy’,” says Belfair member Ike Brown, who’s brought his handicap from 16 down to around 11 since hooking up with Weaver. “He’s aggressive in his style, he obviously cares about my game, and his analogies make sense. What I’ve taken from his teachings are the simplicity of his concepts, and his theory of ‘one swing for all shots’. I’ve recommended him to others, including members of my own family. And when I stray from the fundamentals, he always makes himself available for a quick tune-up.”

A disciple of legendary teachers David Leadbetter and Harvey Ward, Weaver knows what its like to try to learn the game. As a multi-sport athlete growing up in West Virginia, Weaver was steered toward golf by family friend and college football legend Bobby Bowden once Bowden realized Doug had an aptitude, and body, more fit to golf than football. He went on to play at the Sea Pines Academy and with PGA TOUR winner Brad Faxon at Furman. He’s been honored as one of South Carolina’s Top 10 teachers by Golf Digest and was recently named the Island’s #1 Golf Pro by readers of Hilton Head Monthly.

But Weaver might be proudest of the reactions he gets from golfers who are easily discouraged by the game, ladies and kids. “Kids are malleable, and when we can show them some success, you can see it all over their faces, that’s a great reward,” says Weaver. “With some women, we have to get over their perception that they play too slowly, don’t swing hard enough and are afraid to take divots. Once we overcome those fears, and with a little patience, we can greatly increase their enjoyment of the game.” The 30-minute massages or facials offered by the European Spa at Shelter Cove for those taking ladies-only group lessons probably takes a little anxiety out of the game as well!

Weaver’s always thinking of new ways to reach out to others who are ready to embrace the game. How many pros offer a FREE lesson EVERY Monday afternoon at 4pm? And with Doug Weaver, there’s a lesson to be learned in every conversation, like this simple, yet profound parting shot on improving tempo, “ Aim your club, aim your feet, tick-tock”. For more from Doug, call Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy with Doug Weaver at 800-827-3006 or (843) 785-1138.



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