GreenFinder Golf GPS: Find out how far, on your Phone

GreenFinder Golf GPSOn the golf course, a few feet can be the difference between finding a hazard and landing in a safe spot with a good angle to attack the pin, and club selection is often an integral component in reducing distances to the cup if you're able to find the putting surface.

GreenFinder Golf GPS, a system that utilizes already-exisiting global positioning systems on your iPhone or Blackberry to calculate the distance from the golfer to various targets on the course, is a simple, convenient and affordable way to improve your golf game by having the right club in your hand and the information necessary to make the right play.

At an annual cost of $35, Greenfinder Golf GPS is available at just a fraction of the price you'll pay for standalone rangefinders. Chances are that your smartphone is your most trusted piece of technology, so why not increase its functionality and take it with you to the golf course.

GreenFinder Golf GPS is already available for more than 10,000 courses and is adding new courses every week.

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GreenFinder Golf GPS for the iPhoneOnce you've downloaded the software that is compatible with your phone, via GreenFinder's Web site for Blackberry users and in the App Store for iPhone users, your device will be ready to map out your day on the links when you reach the first tee.

Upon opening the application, you'll be promted to either search for your golf course or have the GPS system determine your location. Select the course you'll be playing, download it to your phone, and the data for the first hole will be displayed. Blackberry users are eligible for a free trial and can download the program and try it five times without any cost.

On the tee, GreenFinder will give you information on hazards, like lakes and bunkers. For example, the application will give you the distance required to reach the front of a bunker and the distance needed to carry it. Following your tee shot, GolfFinder gives you a yardage reading to the front, middle and back of the green.

If looking at your phone to gauge distances is too much trouble, you can set your device to speak the yardages to you. That's right, the GreenFinder application can be switched to an audible function that reads your yardages aloud.

For the traveling golfer, the application can identify GreenFinder-compatible courses within a 20-mile radius of your location and provide driving directions to any course you select from that list.


A lot of good a rangefinder will do you if you're not exactly sure how far you can fly a nine iron or the distance your ball travels on an average drive. On of the most useful features of this application is its ability to measure the distance from point A to point B. After taking a shot, you can mark you position by pressing the space bar button. As you approach your ball, the distance from that mark will be displayed on the screen.

GreenFinder Golf GPS for your BlackberryNow using your smartphone and GreenFinder Golf GPS, you can take time to go through each club in your bag and determine an average distance. This should immediately shave strokes off your score.

GreenFinder Golf GPS is available for GPS-enabled Blackberry Storm, Bold, 8900, 8800, Curve and Pearl. The application is also available for iPhone 3G users.

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You'll never have to ask, "How far is it?" again.


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