New Discovery Tour for Kids 8-12

Dongjin Park

Photo courtesy of the
Junior Sports Corporation

The Hilton Head Island-based International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) and Junior Sports Corporation recently announced the creation of the Discovery Tour, a competitive circuit meant to give golfers ages 8-12 some tournament experience.

The 9-hole, one-day events will be held in conjunction with the IJGT, making it convenient for families with golfers on both tours. The inaugural season runs through May 19, with five events in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Courses will average 2,200-2,500 yards, and players are encouraged to have caddies, who can carry the players’ bags, assist with rules and offer advice. There will be a 10-stroke limit for each hole, and rulings resulting in disqualifications on other tours will be enforced only with stroke penalties. Discovery Tour membership costs $25, and the spring 2012 events are priced between $35 and $40 each.


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