Team USA wins North America Cup at Oldfield

Team USA won the International Junior Golf Tour’s North America Cup, held July 1-4 at Oldfield Golf Club in Okatie. Team USA defeated Team Canada. The event featured fourball matches, singles matches and a skills competition. Four golfers with local ties participated in the event: Ben Dietrich, Zach Boe, Mark Folkwein and Derrick Villarreal. The annual competition has alternated between countries each of the past 10 years. Team USA leads the series 8-2.

Team USA Player-by-Player final results

Joshua Allen – Wilson, NC

Fourball (with Steve Cerbara) win 2&1

Foursome (with Steve Cerbara) win 4&3

Singles loss 1-down


Zach Boe – Bluffton, SC

Fourball (with Frank Szucs) loss 3&2

Foursome (with John Edler) win 3&2

Singles win 1-up


Steve Cerbara – Yardley, PA

Fourball (with Joshua Allen) win 2&1

Foursome (with Joshua Allen) win 4&3

Singles match halved


Ben Dietrich – Bluffton, SC

Fourball (with Derrick Villarreal) loss 3&2

Foursome (with Derrick Villarreal) win 2&1

Singles win 4&3


John Edler – Fair Haven, NJ

Fourball (with Mark Folkwein) loss 2-down

Foursome (with Zach Boe) win 3&2

Singles win 3&2


Josh Fisher – Las Vegas, NV

Fourball (with Austin Morrison) win 3&2

Foursome (with Austin Morrison) win 3&2

Singles win 4&3


Mark Folkwein – New Albany, OH

Fourball (with John Edler) loss 2-down

Foursome (with Frank Szucs) win 3&1

Singles loss 1-down


Olivia Landino – Hermitage, PA

Fourball (with Gabby Weiss) win 1-up

Foursome (with Gabby Weiss) win 6&5

Singles win 9&8


Austin Morrison – Charlotte, NC

Fourball (with Josh Fisher) win 3&2

Foursome (with Josh Fisher) win 3&2

Singles loss 2&1


Chase Roswall – Bristol, TN

Fourball (with Will Thomson) win 2&1

Foursome (with Will Thomson) win 3&1

Singles win 2&1


Frank Szucs – Brookside, NJ

Fourball (with Zach Boe) loss 3&2

Foursome (with Mark Folkwein) win 3&1

Singles win 4&3


Will Thomson – Pittsford, NY

Fourball (with Chase Roswall) win 2&1

Foursome (with Chase Roswall) win 3&1

Singles loss 3&2


Derrick Villarreal – Hartland, WI

Fourball (with Ben Dietrich) loss 3&2

Foursome (with Ben Dietrich) win 3&2

Singles win 1-up


Gabby Weiss – Southern Pines, NC

Fourball (with Olivia Landino) win 1-up

Foursome (with Olivia Landino) win 6&5

Singles match halved


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