Upswing Golf - A New Model for Success!

How do you compete with the “Big Boys” of the golf equipment industry, who have many years head start in marketing and manufacturing, not to mention deep, deep pockets to fund their ventures? Two veterans of the front lines of the golf industry wars,

Richard Merk and Bret Larsen are trying to do it in a revolutionary way, one club at a time, one charity tournament at a time with their launch of Upswing Golf early this year. Merk, a former member of the senior executive teams at TaylorMade and then Callaway, and Larsen, a former VP of Manufacturing and then Golf Club Development at Callaway, have come together to try to bring the “average” golfer access to top quality equipment without the expense the “brand name” companies tack on to their clubs for marketing, advertising and endorsements.

So you won’t see a PGA TOUR pro displaying an Upswing Golf logo on his hat or shirt. But you also won’t pay $500 for his endorsed driver or set of wedges. Upswing hopes to market affordable clubs with uncompromised quality directly to the people who’ll be swinging them, without all the layers of marketing and distribution costs in between. Does a 400cc perimeter-weighted, low center-of-gravity, thin-faced, forged titanium driver with an Aldila 100% graphite shaft for $119.95 get your attention? It should!

One of the unique ways Merk and Larsen hope to market their clubs is by giving them away through charity fund-raising events. One of their programs offers event organizers certificates to give to every player in their event offering a free Upswing club ( a nominal charge for shipping, order processing and performance fitting will apply to every order). Another program offers “packages” of clubs at extremely discounted rates for the organizations to raffle, auction off or award as outing prizes. Every program is designed to allow maximum flexibility for the fund-raiser, while getting Upswing clubs in the hands of players who have the same attitude about giving back to the game that Upswing’s founders brought to their new venture. In Richard Merk’s words, “We are confident that golfers who try our free offer and experience first-hand the exceptional quality and performance of our products will want more Upswing products.”

And the clubs? With more than 40 years of golf design, development and manufacturing experience from Merk and Larsen alone, Upswing offers drivers in titanium and classic stainless steel made to the upper limits of deign specs, a fairway metal utility 7-wood and 52-degree gap, 56-degree sand and 60-degree lob wedges individually or in sets (the 3-wedge set is priced at $139.95) and a stainless steel mallet-shaped putter promising a large sweet spot.

For more information on Upswing’s products and tournament packages, contact them at (866) 794-6410 or logon to


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