Magazine Selects Nugent As Houston's Best Clubfitter

HOUSTON - Mike Nugent of Impact Golf in Houston has been selected by Avid Golfer magazine as the Houston metropolitan area's best clubfitter.

Nugent is a certified master clubFitter with an engineering background. Ha has also been rated in the World's Top 100 clubFitters for the past five years.

Touring professionals like Keith Fergus rely on his expertise as well as do the coaches and golf team members of the local colleges. Golfers of all skill levels as well have come to Mike for advice on their game and equipment. Mike offers a very friendly, easy-going atmosphere in his shop.

What goes into a good clubfitting? Nugent goes into detail: " First, I take the time to get to know the golfer: what are his goals, his concerns. Second, I use state of the art analyzers and launch monitors to as I plot the golfer's unique swing characteristics. Third, I use the KZG custom line of equipment which has numerous models so that I can select the exact design features I need for the golfer. And lastly, I take the time to build each club individually to be assured it is frequency matched with the right specifications for my golfer."


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