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The United States Golf Association had the golf manufacturers hopping this past year with new and revised design regulations that would mandate grooves conform to certain conditions of competition by Jan. 1, 2010.

The governing body of our game thinks that when outfitted with the current clubs the skilled player is able to generate too much spin on the golf ball from a wet lie or a lie from the rough.

As a result, there will be a change for all clubs with a loft of 25 degrees or greater for the members of the professional tours and players in the Open Championships (U.S., U.S. Women’s U.S. Senior). For the rest of us we can continue to skull and chili-dip our current high-spin wedges for another 14 years.

There are some new wedges on the market that may enhance your play around the green:
The first is the Mizuno MP T-10 White or Black Satin. These wedges use Mizuno’s exclusive Quad Cut Grooves for plenty of bite. The sole grinds and the variety of bounce angles will fit any course condition and swing type. Mizuno is still the premiere forged club company in the U.S. market.

Also new is Cleveland CG15. These wedges have a unique look along with an improved grind to the sole. The grooves are a zip design (high spin). The face has been laser etched to look like four grooves have been added between each groove to increase roughness to the face. The sole grind gives relief to the toe and added heal width to increase bunker performance. There are plenty of choices with loft and bounce angles from 46 to 64 degrees. Three finish offerings are available in Oil Quench, Satin Chrome and Black Pearl.

The newest design is from TaylorMade and features Exchangeable Face Technology. Now you can have your choice of either conforming or non-conforming groove and purchase only one wedge. Two screws tighten either urethane backed face to the club head. That backing will give you a butter soft feel at impact. Lofts range from 50 to 64 degrees in nickel-chrome and pearl.

All these wedges and more are available at Strictly Golf. Until next time, Hit ‘em Long and Straight.

Visit Strictly Golf for your swing anaylysis!


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