TGA Premier Junior Golf Expands To Austin

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AUSTIN, Texas - TGA, the first and largest national after school golf program, and one the nation's most successful youth sports companies, will expand in Texas.

Dave Bergeron, a former PGA Professional and owner of the TGA Premier Junior Golf franchises in west and north Houston, has acquired a third franchise in Austin.

TGA Premier Junior Golf is making a significant impact in the state of Texas with five franchise territories in Dallas, Houston and now Austin.

"Texas is one of the top golfing markets in the country and we are very excited about the significant growth we are experiencing that will enrich the lives of thousands of students in Austin through our unique five-level enrichment program," explains Joshua Jacobs, chief executive officer of TGA. "Dave is one of our top franchisees and our 7th multiple franchise owner. His experience as a former PGA professional and educator, together with his passion for youth and sports creates the perfect combination to build successful TGA programs."

TGA Premier Junior Golf of Austin is expected to impact thousands of youth annually by introducing the game of golf to children at elementary and middle schools, child care centers and community organizations through a multi-level instruction program.

TGA will then transition students to local partner golf courses through summer camps and parent-child clinics, which will create new customers for these courses. TGA's Five Level Enrichment Program enables children to advance from one stage to the next while building self-esteem.

The unique curriculum is designed to enrich students' lives through physical fitness, health and nutrition, character building, and education with academic lessons in math, science, social studies and language. Bergeron brings over 15 years experience in the golf industry, both teaching the game and running operations.

In 2009, he recognized the opportunity to start his own business while still working in the golf industry and purchased his first TGA franchise in West Houston. After building that into one of the largest junior golf programs in the area, he expanded by becoming a partner in a second franchise in North Houston.

Adding a third franchise in Austin is a testament to the sustainable business model that TGA has developed.

"My goal since starting my first franchise in 2009 was to be a multiple franchise owner with TGA. It is very rewarding to not only achieve my goal, but also to impact so many youth along the way. The impact we have on golf from the grass roots level is truly amazing," Bergeron says. "Roughly 90 percent of the students that have gone through our programs have never played golf before and therefore TGA is truly bringing new golfers into the game which can only impact the game, and growth of golf in a positive manner. I envision over the next 10 years as we see golf starting to grow again, that the unique TGA model will be a large part of that story with how we are impacting young children and families through schools nationwide."

Bergeron expects to get off the ground quickly with the new Austin franchise with the help of Casey Kreis, who will be its director of operations. Kreis, a recent college graduate and avid golfer, comes to TGA from the medical sales industry. He has been an instructor with TGA since 2011.

"I am very excited about the opportunity to launch the new Austin TGA franchise with David," says Kreis. "We have developed one of the largest junior golf programs in the state of Texas and we look forward to continuing to impact students and their families through life skills, character development and education while teaching them a sport they can play the rest of their lives."

TGA's sports franchises, which run the leading school-based youth golf and tennis programs in the U.S., are geared toward motivated self-starters who are passionate about the sport, their community and enjoy working with children. Each franchise offers not only business ownership and job opportunities in the industry, but also unique ways to grow the sports.

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