Rapidly Growing Junior Golf Program Impacting the Midwest

TGA junior golf programOne of the country’s fastest growing junior golf initiatives has begun to make an impact on the Midwest.

Conceived in Los Angeles, where six schools opened in the fall of 2003, TGA-Premier Junior Golf (TGA) is the nation's only after school golf program.

The TGA program is now offered nationwide in 2,100 schools reaching 90,000 students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

TGA not only teaches the fundamentals of the game of golf, its rules and etiquette, but also incorporates life values, a character development initiative and education components such as Math, English, History and Science into its at school curriculums.

TGA’s five Midwest programs are located in Indianapolis, Cleveland, Akron, Ann Arbor and Detroit.

“TGA’s philosophy is to grow the game by making golf accessible and affordable for all youth," said Founder, President and CEO Joshua Jacobs. "By bringing golf directly to the schools, we are accomplishing our mission. Our goal is to impact as many youth as we can while providing a program that is an extension of the classroom, benefiting students and schools in many ways.”

What sets TGA apart from other junior golf programs is the unique teaching curriculum developed by PhD’s in Child and Curriculum Development along with PGA and LPGA golf professionals. School systems and parents have been impressed with the education initiatives, exercise components and motor skill and hand eye development. 

TGA is the nation's only after school golf program

TGA has also rapidly become a golden franchise opportunity across the country for self-starters who enjoy working with children in a business venture that provides a unique entry into youth sports, education and the golf industry.

Jim White, owner of the Indiana franchise in Hamilton and Boone County, is enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide parents of young kids a convenient opportunity associated with the school systems to learn the game of golf and the life lessons associated.

"The opportunity to bring the TGA-Premier Junior Golf program to the schools in Hamilton County and Boone County has instantly become a passion for me," White said. "My goal is to use golf as a vehicle for having fun, teaching life values, and spending quality time with friends and family."

"Unfortunately, most kids never get the opportunity to experience the great game of Golf," White added. "For parents, especially non-golfing parents, it is easy to find a place for their children to play baseball, soccer, basketball, and football, but golf is more difficult to get access to. This is what makes the TGA program so unique. We make golf convenient and fun for elementary age kids and their parents. Our hope is that through the TGA programs, kids will develop a love of the game and continue to play throughout their adult life."  

Jacobs is looking forward to the continued growth of TGA programs in the Midwest.
"The Midwest region has some of the highest concentration of golfers per capita in the country, and we are thrilled about the opportunities for entrepreneurs in this region to grow the game and create a solid business for themselves,” he said. “We have only begun to scratch the surface in the Midwest and look forward to our continued growth in areas like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati, to name a few.”
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