U.S. Golf Academy at Swan Lake Golf Resort

Learn to Score Better

The United States Golf Academy at the Indiana National Golf Club at Swan Lake Golf Resort in PlymouthIt is the Catch-22 of golf. If we only scored a little bit better, we’d be excited about practicing more, which would lead to even better scoring. What we probably need is obvious; some time with a teaching professional who is passionate about helping us improve our score so we can conquer that Catch-22. But we’re afraid to break the cycle. “Golf School” sounds more like prison than an opportunity for a golf epiphany.

The United States Golf Academy at the Indiana National Golf Club at Swan Lake Golf Resort in Plymouth, Indiana wants to change the way you think of “golf schools” and put you on the road to enjoying the game more than ever.

Is it working? Director of Instruction Bruce Rearick says he has clients who drive in from Chicago and Indianapolis (both less than two hours away) weekly to take advantage of the most significant difference between the Academy and other teaching centers: a passion to create a comfortable environment for you to improve your game. They do this by using your swing (not some one-style-fits-all theory), customizing a foundation and a strategy that builds off what you’re already doing and then stays in constant contact after your first visit. The Academy staff is happy to work with your local pro to assure you’re hearing the same message from both. The message in the forefront of teaching at The United States Golf Academy is helping you lower your score, from the very first lesson by emphasizing the short game and putting.

The Academy’s fabulous indoor facility offers two mechanical marvels. “PuttLab” X-rays your putting stroke from 28 different parameters.

“TrackMan” measures the trajectory on every shot from drives to short pitch shots to winnow 62,000 possible clubhead and shaft combinations to the best one.

For more information, call (800) 582-7539 or visit www.SwanLakeResort.com.


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