Improve Your Game Through Better Balance

Mike Calbot

Golfer’s Guide Instruction by Mike Calbot

Balance is the key to success in a golf swing. Most golfers stand out of balance when at address. When they go to make a golf swing, their body fights the action and end up looking stiff or rigid.

When you are stiff or rigid, you can’t build up the speed for distance or control for consistency. There is also an early fatigue, and even in some cases, injuries may occur.

Making a golfer feel balance is not that difficult. See the illustration of the golfer in the photo, standing on two air discs at address, making a backswing and still keeping his balance.

You know you're out of balance when you can’t hold your finish to the count of three. You know you're out of balance when you take a step immediately after your golf swing impact position.

You know you're out of balance when after you hit the ball, you're walking backwards. Here is a quick way to feel balance.

Get two big bath towels. Fold each over one of time so you can stand on the towels individually, one under each foot. It is recommended that the towels be about 4 inches in fitness from the floor to your foot so you will feel any in-balance motion.

Place the towels down about the width of your stance. Now stand on the towels and take a golf set up position. Feel your address position.

Let your weight rock you to the front of your feet, then to the back of your feet.

Rock too much to the left and too much to the right until you find your center mass balance. From this point, make a backswing and count to three.

See if you can maintain a full backswing in balance. It is advised not to swing forward while standing on the towels without guidance of your coach or instructor.

Being able to learn to feel your balance at address and the top of the backswing should increase your awareness of your balance and balance points, therefore improving your timing and tempo, improving distance and accuracy. Good luck and have fun playing better golf with the golf doctor.

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