Why is Proper Sequencing So Important to the Golf Swing?

Swing through the ball, not at itArguably the most important ‘move’ in the golf swing is the sequence of movements from the top of the swing through to the finish. Many great ball strikers have had unconventional backswings (Furyk, Trevino, Floyd, etc…) but they are still able to deliver the clubhead through the hitting zone in the most efficient manner.    

Instead of a technical explanation of proper sequencing, I’ll try to keep it simple. Good ball strikers hit through the ball, and most recreational golfers hit at the ball.

I recently heard a statistic that 96 percent of recreational golfers ‘cast’ the club. Casting can best be described as the hands, arms, or club initiating the downswing causing the clubhead to pass the hands before it reaches the ball. 

Here are a few signs that you might be dealing with a caster: 

(1) You prefer the ball sitting up in the first cut of rough (with some cushion under it) vs. a nice lie in a freshly moan fairway

(2) Frequent thin and heavy shots

(3) High ball flight

(4) Loss of distance

(5) Poor balance

(6) Inadvertently short follow-through.


If any of those hit home, I have good news. There is a swing trainer that recently hit the market called Powerchute. Hands down, it is the most effective swing trainer to help you ‘feel’ proper sequencing that’s ever hit the market.

Click here www.powerchutesports.com and watch Jack Nicklaus increase his clubhead speed 5 ½ mph and learn how the Powerchute helped Jason Zuback win his 5th World Long Drive Championship.

To consistently hit solid shots, you do not need to have a swing that looks like Ernie Els; all you need is to move forward in the proper sequence. The Powerchute will help you accomplish this.

All the best for good golf!



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