Great Golf Communities in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia

Ponce DeLeon can't take credit for discovering golf in Florida, but the Spaniard obviously had an eye for real estate and the confluence of those two factors with fabulous weather, miles and miles of pristine beaches, and so much more has Northeast Florida not only an undeniably great place to vacation, but many visitors find it an even better place to live.

Year after year, many golf enthusiasts who visit the Jacksonville area become so enamored by the area and its splendid amenities, especially those beaches and world-renowned golf courses, they choose to make their home here.

From high-rise and low-rise condominiums on the beach to sprawling singlefamily homes on the golf course, the Jacksonville area truly has it all, and it is all surprisingly affordable with median home prices 20% below the statewide average and the typical corporate-level (4 bedroom/2 bath/2,200 square feet) home costing more than nearly 45% less than St. Petersburg, 35% less than Tampa, even 20% less than the Miami area and 10% less than similar homes in the Orlando or Tallahassee regions. The countless real estate opportunities, delightful weather, superb shopping and dining and inexhaustible golf are the major attractions of living in Northeast Florida.

Golf is a big business in this area with the PGA Tour headquartered in Ponte Vedra and the World Golf Village in St. Augustine, but it is also a lifestyle. With more than 80 championship courses, the serious, the weekend and the beginning golfer should always be able to find a golf course that matches his or her skill level. But there's much more to the Jacksonville area than fantastic golf.

Northeast Florida even came together to host Super Bowl XXIX, whose theme “Building Bridges” highlighted not only the literal waterways and island lifestyle of the area, but also the blending of peoples, natives and transplants, who give Northeast Florida its unique character.

Excellent health care facilities like the Mayo Clinic are accessible. The highly respected school system boasts two of the three top rated high schools in the country in Newsweek magazine’s 2003 rankings. And then there are over a dozen colleges and universities in the immediate area alone that not only offer a multitude of higher educational opportunities but widely divergent cultural activities as well. The mix of recreational opportunities, a thriving economy, an adventurous spirit and great real estate values make Northeast Florida a great place to call home.

And the timing has never been better. Interest rates are still low, and realtors are offering values like never before. Better pack an extra bag for your vacation this year. You may be staying a lot longer than you think. Ponce DeLeon’s quest may have been right on track.


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