Panther Creek Golf Club - North Florida's Most Outstanding Public Course

Panther Creek Golf Club, Jacksonville, FL Go West to track down the course many feel will become the most outstanding public course in North Florida as it matures, Panther Creek Golf Club. Carved into a 600-acre forest just 9 miles west of downtown Jacksonville off I-10 and Chaffee Rd., with homes on only 4 of its 27 holes, this Andy Dye (Pete’s nephew) design is already winning rave reviews from the people who matter most, the ones who’ve come out to explore this quiet creation where its you, the ball and a spectacular golf course.

Eighteen of the 27 holes are complete. The front and back nines will be joined by a “mid” nine that’s been cleared and shaped and will begin growing-in later this year with an opening date of Fall 2008 in mind, the same time the stunning 30,000 square-foot twolevel clubhouse is completed.

Panther Creek Golf Club, Jacksonville, FlRight now, a 4,000 square-foot gatehouse with functional dining, outing and meeting facilities serves the golfers who try to tame the Panther. A true Dye design with many deceiving looks and tie-wall borders between fairway and wetlands, Panther Creek gives you a Carolinas links-style feel after more than 5-million cubic yards of dirt were moved to create elevation changes, undulations and berms that have been planted with native natural ornamental grasses.

The smartest decision you can make at Panther Creek is one of the first ones, check your ego in the golf shop and pick tees you’re truly comfortable playing. Recommendations are marked on the scorecard with only those low single-digit handicappers suggested for the back two tees that play over 7,000 yards with ratings and slopes over 75/140. You’ll still have a great experience if you choose tees that fit your game.

The par-3s are truly fun at Panther Creek, the par-5s are stout challenges and there is a fabulous diversity in the par-4s at Panther Creek. Each of the holes has been named, from “Rough Start” (don’t get caught up in the waste bunker on the left or your round will be off to one) through “Gut Check” in an opening 3-hole par-4 sequence, through the shortest par-5 (Big Bend) and longest par-4 (Long Shot) on the course, you might have used all the clubs in your bag before even reaching the tee of the shortest par-4 on the front side, the seventh.

Panther Creek Golf Club, Jacksonville, FlThe stunning eighth hole truly is “Rock Island”. A par-3 with island tees ranging from 117 yards to 221, facing a green fronted by limestone boulders!

The back nine is numbered from 19-27, a quirk that will make sense when the middle nine is complete. You’ve got strategic decisions to make at the par-5 “Gambler’s Alley”, and likely some long putting to do at the par-3 “Lunar Landing” with its 10,000 square-foot green. The island green at the par-3 24th, “Mulligan Island” has 30 yards of layup room, but don’t be long or you’ll be asking for a mulligan. The final par-5 “Bunker Hill” gets its name from the pair of pot bunkers in the landing area and the waste bunker that’ll snatch your approach shot. The split fairway at the final hole, “Top Shelf” forces one last strategic decision, don’t be caught between the two.

You can make Panther Creek as challenging, or as playable as you want it, but now’s the time to take it for a test drive.

Visit their Web site at to get a feel for the course, book tee times online, or join their loyalty program that offers great savings. Or call the golf shop toll free at (866) 797-5807 or (904) 783-2600.


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