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The Ten Essentials for Golf Improvement

GolfTECThe Answer, when it comes to cutting strokes and recovering more quickly on the course, is actually ten components. On their own, each is powerful. Together, they lead to sustainable improvement – and the ability to overcome plateaus in skill and score.

Crediable Guidance from a PGA Professional is the place to begin. Select an instructor based upon their ability to develop client ability over time, not simply in a one-off, 30-minute lesson. 

Objective Feedback using proven technology can eliminate guessing and time-consuming trial and error. Digital video, motion analysis, biofeedback and a Tour database should be integrated into a total view of your progress.

A Proven Path developed by your Coach should be goaloriented, visual and trackable. Using a documented, time-based approach provides a far-clearer view of progress.

Climate-Controlled Centers allow players to improve in a non-public environment designed for progress without distractions. Focus is easier, concentration improves and patterns of success are set.

On Course Instruction turns solid ball-striking into competent shot-making. Strokes are peeled away as short game and putting techniques improve.

Home and Travel Portability is another powerful tool, one put to work here at GolfTEC Southside in Jacksonville. In this case, a personal WebLesson website is created for each client to capture your lesson swings, Coach comments, video drills and individual lesson schedule.

GolfTEC in Jacksonville
GolfTEC in Jacksonville
GolfTEC in Jacksonville

Managable Plans account for individual goals, schedules and budgets. Time-based and holistic, a portfolio of lesson, practice, club fitting, preferred discounts and other valuable services should be combined into an affordable plan aligned with your improvement path.

Well-Matched Equipment is a critical part of the process in connecting a golfer’s skill with their shot-making results. Often it’s a matter of adjusting existing clubs or tweaking bag makeup. For most players, there are yards to be gained and strokes cut simply in selecting and customizing their tools.

Relevant Golf Fitness connects with swing instruction and course management. The benefits of flexibility and selective strengthening are brought forward, recognizing the time and physical limitations of each client.


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