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Goes High-Tech

“We can use the finest computer software to get swings back on track.”

Tim Spangler - 2009 PGA Northern Chapter North Section Teacher of the Year!Renowned golf instructors the world over, including Hank Haney who recently ended his six-year student-teacher relationship with Tiger Woods, are in agreement that state-of-the-art video technology has revolutionized the way golf professionals teach the swing to their pupils.

“The thing is, the video equipment has become so much better that teachers in general have a much clearer idea of what the golf swing should be and what the golf swing looks like to cause certain ball flights,” Haney said in a recent interview with Golfer’s Guide.

At Eagle Landing Golf Club, a links-style design located in Orange Park, Tim Spangler is using an exciting new video system to take his students to the next level.

For years instructors have been using video to analyze the swing, but once the flaws have been identified the real work  begins. A variety of techniques and teaching methods are then used to make the transition toward the ideal swing for the golfer in question. What exactly that “most effective” swing should look like is really anyone’s guess.

Swing  Model systemThe Swing Model system used by Spangler at Eagle Landing uses computer technology to catalog the swings of more than 140 Tour professionals and subsequently use that library of swing research create a model that every golfer can mimic in an effort to improve his or her own swing. This computerized “morph” creates a perfect swing by matching the exact body dimensions of the student.

“Swing Model resembles Jim McLean’s teaching philosophy which closely resembles the philosophy I believe in and teach,” Spangler said. “Swing Model will help the student spend less time worrying about fundamentals and more time focusing on scoring. After all, scoring in golf is really what we are trying to achieve.”

Once the student’s swing is computerized and a “perfect swing” morph is created the student, with Spangler’s help, will begin the process of making the necessary adjustments in order to catch up to the Swing Model.

Through layering from take away to follow through, a student will instantly have a visual of how his/her swing compares to the perfect golf swing.

The Eagle Landing Golf Academy, much like the Swing Model system, is a relatively new venture. Spangler is confident that the state-ofthe-art technology being employed at his golf club will help all levels of golfers achieve peak performance.

“Our academy is basically a place where beginner golfers learn how to play and advanced golfers can take their game to next level. We can use the finest computer software to get swings on track. We also offer just the basic clinics and academies.”

Look for more programs like golf schools to be added to the Eagle Landing Golf Academy curriculum in the coming weeks and months.

If you’d like to receive more information, or set up a personal lesson, contact Tim Spangler at tspangler@eaglelandingfl.com. To learn more about the Swing Model system, visit www.swingmodel.com.

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