Edwin Watts Golf Academy

Edwin Watts Golf Academy

7111 Bonneval Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256

P: 904-425-4653

Why Choose Edwin Watts Golf Academy?

The question most asked by inquiring golfers is "Why Edwin Watts Golf Academy rather than my club pro or a driving range pro?" The answer is simple - they do not provide the golfer with everything that he or she needs to learn a better golf swing. The three key ingredients in learning the golf swing are knowledge, feedback and problem- solving.

At Edwin Watts Golf Academy, the knowledge you’ll receive is based on scientific data as it applies to the golf swing. You’ll also receive immediate feedback with our Video/Laser System, you can see how well your swing is every time you practice. Lastly, we’ll teach you how to understand and correct your mistakes through comprehensive ball flight training. Choose Edwin Watts Golf Academy for your next lesson and experience what makes us different!

Edwin Watts Golf Academy

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