Comstock Golf School

Comstock Golf School

4012-5 University Blvd. N.
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32277

P: 904-762-1971

Comstock Golf School opens with the latest in video technology. The school is housed next to the Driving Range at Blue Cypress Golf Club. Instruction is provided by PGA Class ‘A’ Professional Byron Comstock. Byron has many years of experience playing and teaching the game of golf as a member of the PGA Teaching Faculty, as a former Golf Coach at Jacksonville University and as a Director of Golf at some of the most prestigious clubs in Mexico and the Philippines as well as in the United States.

The indoor facility uses P3Pro Swing Technology. P3Pro Swing combines a golf simulator and a swing analyzer that tells you exactly what your club is doing as you swing through the impact zone. It gives immediate feedback on swing path and speed, club angle at impact and ball flight simulation and data. And more.

Included in the school is Dartfish – the gold standard in golf video analysis software. In the last two Olympics, Seventy five percent of medal winning US athletes trained using Dartfish. This technology allows side by side comparisons, dual camera angles, highlighted swing sequences, drawing and measurement tools and audio comments by the instructor. The instruction session is preserved on CD and can be accessed online.

Comstock Golf School is also equipped with eCoaching Technology. eCoaching Technology is a comprehensive system for golf instructors, delivering video feedback, performance enhancement planning, drill & tip libraries and scheduling through a Web database. It is a complete set of tools for instructors and athletes dedicated to improving athletic performance and enjoyment of golf. eCoaching is establishing itself as the leader in online athletic performance enhancement.

The Blue Cypress golf course and driving range are also available for outdoor instruction so that the student can gauge his or her progress under real life conditions. Men, women and juniors will enjoy both indoor and outdoor golf instructions at affordable prices

The Comstock Golf School is designed to help golfers of all stages of the game – beginners to accomplished. The cost of instruction is surprisingly reasonable. We are available for individual or series instruction, group or corporate outings. For more information on pricing or to book a lesson, call 904.762.1971 or go online to Blue Cypress is located at 4012-5 University Blvd. N. Jacksonville, FL 32277.

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