Don't Miss a Beat

The mission of Don't Miss a Beat, Inc. (DMAB) is " blend music, art, academic achievement, and civic engagement to ulysses.jpginspire and enlighten children and teens in the Riverside and Brooklyn communities." Objectives to meet this mission include: (1) to utilize the performing arts as a tool to facilitate youth development and to cultivate youth talent in the arts; (2) to provide tutoring and academic support thereby enhancing youth educational achievement and graduation rates; (3) to conduct civic engagement projects so that youth develop a connection to community and learn how to be responsible, productive citizens; and (4) to offer workable skills training for adults in the community so that they may become increasingly self-sufficient and therefore better able to provide a safe, healthy environment for their children.

Program outcomes and benefits to the community are summarized as follows:

           DMAB affords youth year-round experiential education so they develop technical capabilities, cultural knowledge, workable skills, and self-confidence through performances, classes, and workshops.

           DMAB ensures the availability of high quality after school activities for young people so they may make to healthy choices, broaden their educational backgrounds, cultivate their social skills, and interact with positive role models regardless of ability to pay. 

          DMAB utilizes theatre and performance as a tool for expressing social and cultural issues, as a means to augment the school curriculum and to develop creative skills in children that enhance academic performance and meet state educational standards.

          DMAB provides the community with a venue for local actors, directors, writers, designers, and technicians to gain valuable experience, to showcase their talents, and to give aspiring artists a chance to cultivate their emerging talents.

          DMAB helps to build the audiences of tomorrow by fostering an appreciation of the arts.



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